User Configuration Notes

User Configuration Notes:

  1. Every user, logged in or not, inherits the privileges of nobody.

  2. Any human can login as anonymous since the password is clearly displayed on the login page for them to type. The purpose of requiring anonymous to log in is to prevent access by spiders. Every logged-in user inherits the combined privileges of anonymous and nobody.

  3. Users with privilege u inherit the combined privileges of reader, anonymous, and nobody.

  4. Users with privilege v inherit the combined privileges of developer, anonymous, and nobody.

  5. The permission flags are as follows:

    a AdminCreate and delete users
    b AttachAdd attachments to wiki or tickets
    c Append-TktAppend to existing tickets
    e View-PIIView sensitive info such as email addresses
    f New-WikiCreate new wiki pages
    g CloneClone the repository
    h HyperlinksShow hyperlinks to detailed repository history
    i Check-InCheck-in code changes
    j Read-WikiView wiki pages
    k Write-WikiEdit wiki pages
    l Mod-WikiModerator for wiki pages
    m Append-WikiAppend to wiki pages
    n New-TktCreate new tickets
    o Check-OutCheck out code
    p PasswordChange your own password
    q Mod-TktModerate tickets
    r Read-TktView tickets
    s SuperuserSetup and configure the repository
    t ReportsCreate new ticket report formats
    u ReaderInherit all the capabilities of the "reader" user
    v DeveloperInherit all capabilities of the "developer" user
    w Write-TktEdit tickets
    x PrivatePush and/or pull private branches
    y Write-UVPush unversioned content
    z Zip-DownloadDownload a ZIP archive, tarball, or SQL archive
    2 Forum-ReadRead forum posts by others
    3 Forum-WriteCreate new forum messages
    4 Forum-TrustedCreate forum messages that bypass moderation
    5 Forum-ModModerator for forum messages
    6 Forum-AdminGrant capability '4' to other users
    7 AlertsSign up for email alerts
    A AnnounceSend announcements to all subscribers
    C ChatRead and/or writes messages in the chatroom
    D DebugEnable debugging features