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11 check-ins by user cle

Fix a spelling in help text of 'tag branch'. ... (check-in: 56177cfe12 user: cle tags: trunk)
Fix a memory double-free'd problem. In function <tt>cgi_set_cookie</tt> the <tt>zDate</tt> was allocated via usage of <tt>cgi_rfc822_datestamp</tt>. But as it was appended to the blob <tt>extraHeader</tt> via the format specifier <tt>%z</tt> the memory was free'd by <tt>blob_appendf</tt>. As <tt>cgi_rfc822_datestamp</tt> might return both a dynamic allocated empty string as well as a dynamic allocated string containing the time stamp, <tt>blob_appendf</tt> should not try to free the <tt>zDate</tt>. So now the format specifier is changed to <tt>%s</tt> to let us decide, if we want to free the memory or not. ... (check-in: aeeba751c4 user: cle tags: trunk)
Remove small glitch that prevent fossil to be built with BSD make. ... (check-in: f3fb059eb6 user: cle tags: trunk)
Change CGI parameter name <tt>rid</tt> to <tt>uuid</tt> for the <tt>/zip</tt> URL. ... (check-in: 81a96aadf3 user: cle tags: trunk)
Thanks for the fix, eric. Due to that, I detected another HTML quirk I made ands corrected it now. ... (check-in: f85bc24e4d user: cle tags: trunk)
Fix bug [c858c4178b] - at three places, the original checkin comment was taken from the repository. Only if there was no original checkin comment, the edited comment (<tt>ecomment</tt>) was fetched. That logic seem wrong. As at all other cases, first the <tt>ecommend</tt> was fetched and only when that failed, the original comment was taken, I corrected the three places in code accordingly. ... (check-in: 589687d783 user: cle tags: trunk)
Use new alternative <tt>/zip</tt> URL syntax for the <tt>Zip archive</tt> link at the <tt>/vinfo</tt> page. Where the old filename of the ZIP archive was <verbatim> </verbatim> the new name would be: <verbatim> </verbatim> The archive's content is placed into a directory named after the Zip archive file's basename. ... (check-in: 3c9e5699ce user: cle tags: trunk)
New <b>Zip</b> permission. This permission allow someone to download a zipped artifact via the wiki's <tt>/zip</tt> URL. It can given the user <tt>nobody</tt> to allow automatic package builder to download the sources they know from <tt></tt> or other servers without any intervening login necessary. As the <tt>/zip</tt> page do not expose anything, a spider should have a hard time to crawl thru the project using this URL. So IMO it does not open a break-in hole for spiders. ... (check-in: fa6e993017 user: cle tags: trunk)
* Rename subcommand <tt>tag delete</tt> to <tt>tag cancel</tt>. * New branching behavior. Now if subcommand <tt>tag branch</tt> is used, a new copy of manifest <tt>UUID</tt> with the same parent will be created, thereby creating a fork. A propagating symbolic tag with <tt>TAGNAME</tt> is assigned to the UUID of the new copy. Furthermore all other propagating symbolic tags that the fork did inherited by the original manifest, are cancelled.<br><br>However, if the option <tt>--raw</tt> was given, the old <tt>tag branch</tt> behavior is used. That means, no creation of a fork by copying the manifest <tt>UUID</tt>, no cancelling of inherited propagating symbolic tags. The tag will be applied to the given UUID directly.<br><br>For instance <verbatim> fossil tag branch fix-12345 cfcfcfee fossil tag branch --raw bgcolor fix-12345 yellow </verbatim> will create a fork by copiying manifest <tt>cfcfcfee</tt>, apply a tag <tt>fix-12345</tt> that will propagate to its children and set the propagating property <tt>bgcolor</tt> to <tt>yellow</tt>. ... (check-in: ac392fbba6 user: cle tags: trunk)
Allow for generating a Makefile that will also work for BSD Make (tested under NetBSD 3.1). ... (check-in: e243a8dfa4 user: cle tags: trunk)
Change behavior of Fossil's tag handling. 1. All subcommands of command <tt>tag</tt> prepends a prefix <tt>sym-</tt> infront of every tag name passed to them. Tags beginning with <tt>sym-</tt> are special in Fossil as they might serve as replacement of a UUID they are attached to.<br><br> Further, <tt>tag list</tt> will only list all tags beginning with <tt>sym-</tt> but with that prefix removed during display as default.<br><br> All subcommands can get passed an option <tt>--raw</tt>, that prevent the prepending of the prefix <tt>sym-</tt> in front of the tag name. <tt>tag list</tt> will report all tags without removing any prefix if called with option <tt>--raw</tt>. 2. If a command takes a tag name that may be confused with a UUID, the command did interpret that parameter as a UUID instead as a tag name. Such tags might now be prefixed with a <tt>tag:</tt> to enforce the command to take them as tag name instead of a UUID. For example: <verbatim> fossil tag add abcde $uuid : fossil update tag:abcde </verbatim> without the prefix <tt>tag:</tt> fossil would try to update to a UUID beginning with <tt>abcde</tt>. If no such UUID was found, fossil will complain and exit. ... (check-in: d1c9938025 user: cle tags: trunk)