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2 check-ins by user ericwikman

Removed the title property from the nav element for the submenu in style.c. It caused a redundant tooltip, and was not necessary. ... (check-in: ba3fa28d68 user: ericwikman tags: wcag-2.1)
Apply fixes to all web views to pass WCAG 2.1 tests performed by "axe DevTools" browser extension. Most fixes related to screen reader compatibility, like making sure that form elements have labels. Some color changes to improve contrast on Default skin. Made more HTML5 compliant. Minor improvement to select combo boxes for UX. Improved Search form UX. Two minor bug fixes for malformed HTML. Fixed help pages to resolve issues with non-compliant HTML being generated. Mostly documented at ... (check-in: 1f231db380 user: ericwikman tags: wcag-2.1)