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19 check-ins by user mark

Disable rc_reload in the example rc(8) script in the OpenBSD docs. Reloading is unsupported by Fossil such that 'rcctl reload fossil' kills the process. Suggested by James Cook: [forum:73520532dd]. ... (check-in: f0e1d0c958 user: mark tags: trunk)
Show default value of settings that have a default in 'fossil help SETTING' output. These values are otherwise only documented in the source code. ok stephan, danield ... (check-in: 1e1a319e63 user: mark tags: trunk)
JSON API: mention 'priorName' of renamed files in status report As discussed with Stephan in /chat. File objects in the renamed case possess a 'priorName' property in addition to the 'name' reported in all cases. ... (check-in: f8d6e8c12a user: mark tags: trunk)
give 'json status' the same rename treatment as recent status work As reported by larrybr on the forum: [forum:9e9778f2e6], 'fossil json status' reports renamed _and_ edited files as only renamed. This change reports such cases as both edited and renamed, and displays the filename prior to being renamed as well as the renamed path. We now also update the vfile table before generating the status report to ensure the current checkout state is reported. ... (check-in: 771e592b4c user: mark tags: trunk)
report renamed state when file is both edited and renamed In `fossil {changes,status}` and the commit description shown in the editor with `fossil commit`, show the original and renamed path annotation if the file has been renamed and edited. Prior to this, the file was only reported as edited, which can be confusing. Reported by James Cook [forum:5a4c530e6b]. Discussed with stephan@ and danield@, plus some forum members. While here, make sure we honour the relative-paths setting/option when displaying the original pathname in the renamed case. ... (check-in: ca9d0ddf06 user: mark tags: trunk)
enable importing multiple git repos into one fsl repo This fixes an issue reported by James Cook in [forum:d162b6e2dc]. Previously, we assumed the fx_git table does not exist when creating a new import, thus the previously untested use case of importing multiple new (read: not incremental) git repos into the same fossil repo failed at this assumption. While here, document the persistent nature of attributions in the import cmd help text; previously, this was only in the online docs: [/doc/trunk/www/] ... (check-in: 47fb3ddc5a user: mark tags: trunk)
merge build system compilation database generation Tested on OpenBSD 7.3-current and macOS Ventura 13.4 by me, and also on some Linux machines by stephan@ This automatically generates a compile_commands.json file on machines that support the -MJ clang compiler option, which can be consumed by language server clients. ... (check-in: 91f0f00f5d user: mark tags: trunk)
fix import handling of git repositories with renamed files Reported by James Cook in [forum:2b857ded1b]: renamed files were shown as a deletion and an addition. This was because the optional 3rd and 4th field in the manifest's F card to indicate renames were omitted, despite having parsed these data from the git fast-export marks. ... (check-in: 7ab1e11850 user: mark tags: trunk)
add "renamed" annotation to renamed and changed files in /info As per James Cook's report in [forum:2b857ded1b], the /info page provided no hint that a renamed and modified file had been renamed, only modified. This slightly changes the annotation to make it clear the file was also renamed. Discussed with larrybr and stephan in /chat. Slight tweak on stephan's suggested phrasing. ok stephan@ ... (check-in: 495a4d71b8 user: mark tags: trunk)
prefill the tktnew page email field with user emailaddr If the logged-in user has a valid email address in their contact-info, use it to prefill the email field in the /tktnew page when submitting a new ticket. As discussed in /chat, enhance the Fossil builtin find_emailaddr() SQL function--suggested by wyoung@--to parse strings for well-formed email addresses not necessarily wrapped in <...>. Requested by jose i cabrera on the [forum:62838ffe73|forum]. ... (check-in: f974583f90 user: mark tags: trunk)
add new entry to related work links and polish markup Add 'fsl', a tcl wrapper, to inspired projects; prompted by John Rouillard on the [forum:2f5b79e695|forum]. While here, remove redundant markup and articles. ... (check-in: b4b8dc32f2 user: mark tags: trunk)
update related work page: Add Inskinerator as per [forum:634b880146abf68f|forum post] from wyoung@, the Makeheaders tool, and the new Sapling version control system. ... (check-in: be6d71dd64 user: mark tags: trunk)
add new "Related Work" page linked from the User Links page Suggested by drh@ with lots of tweaks from wyoung@ ... (check-in: 8ab498bd06 user: mark tags: trunk)
improve login-group command documentation and output Prompted by [forum:58f01f6d92], [forum:a7d15cc071], and [forum:1c639bcdea]. Clarify semantics of -R|--repository in 'fossil login-group join' and make user output more helpful. While here, trim some trailing whitespace. ... (check-in: 83bc81e882 user: mark tags: trunk)
make chatbot message box transparent to avoid collisions Suggested by mgagnon in /chat. Hint from stephan. ... (check-in: c8b3ec1e6d user: mark tags: trunk)
print stash metadata when popping or applying stash Feature request from Alfred M. Szmidt in [forum:ae3ad9c69f]. Minor tweak of original patch by stephan@ ... (check-in: 1392710fb4 user: mark tags: trunk)
fix specified file path case in locate_unmanaged_files() Only insert unmanaged files into the temp sfile table. This now makes the routine behave consistently whether file, directory, or no paths are passed on the command line, and fixes the `fossil changes --extra` bug report in [forum:452ec8fac167]. ... (check-in: 39eb451ad3 user: mark tags: trunk)
tweak `fossil remote` cmd to update the "default" name Don't delete the current default remote-url when the user invokes the invalid `fossil remote add default` command; instead, output correct usage to update the special "default" symbolic name. Tweak help text to make this more obvious. Prompted by [forum:5748fcb117a99b43]. ... (check-in: 2a3e851e7b user: mark tags: trunk)
show original path of renamed files in changes/status output For context, print renamed files in the form "from -> to" except in the `fossil {changes,status} --renamed` case as suggested by wyoung. Requested by ams in [forum:9ca95426f]. ok stephan in /chat ... (check-in: 1b8cfdb01a user: mark tags: trunk)