<div class='fossil-doc' data-title='Downloads'>

  This document uses XMLHttpRequest to read the /juvlist page from the
  Fossil server, then constructs the list of downloads from the
  returned JSON.

  Edit the "releases" variable with each new release.  Then
  add unversioned content files for the build products.


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<b>To install Fossil &rarr;</b> download the stand-alone executable
and put it on your $PATH.
<div id="download_filelist">
<!-- The JS below will fills in this <div> with a table of download products
     derived from the output of /juvlist -->

<a href="../doc/trunk/www/">How this download page
is implemented</a><br>
<a href="../wiki?name=Release+Build+How-To">How deliverables are built</a>

<script src="download.js">