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Extend [/md_rules#ftnts|Markdown] with footnotes support. See [/wiki?name=branch/markdown-footnotes#il|known limitations] and the corresponding [forum:/forumthread/ee1f1597e46ec07a|forum thread]. ... (check-in: 3990518b29 user: george tags: trunk)
Change signature of <code>add_inline_footnote()</code> in order to move away from returning of unreliable pointer. Amend a few comments. Fix a couple of minor issues that fuzzer complains about. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 0850862e6a user: george tags: markdown-footnotes)
Fix a possible heap-buffer-overflow in <code>parse_htmlblock()</code> introduced by [1e919d601f774fdb]. This is not related to footnotes but was revealed by fuzzing (case 80cbb6b185807e98a953426af7b1f802c9d13957). ... (check-in: bc4c5b6311 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes)
Added a section to about building for fuzz testing. ... (check-in: a42f5af812 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in trunk for fuzz.c changes. ... (check-in: c9f4013530 user: stephan tags: markdown-footnotes)
Correct fuzz.c to honor --fuzztype markdown and add --fuzztype wiki2 which works like its previous --fuzztype wiki behavior, sending all inputs through both the fossil-wiki and markdown translators. Added a fatal error for --fuzztype artifact, as that tester is not implemented. ... (check-in: 8d4c479208 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Changed zlib crc type from int to unsigned long, as that's the type returned by zlib's crc32() and doing so reportedly resolves the CRC error reported in [forum:7a9097e557 | forum post 7a9097e557]. ... (check-in: 1bf6686e76 user: stephan tags: trunk)

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