Help: /finfo

The "/finfo" page:

URL: /finfo?name=FILENAME

Show the change history for a single file.

Additional query parameters:

a=DATETIME Only show changes after DATETIME
b=DATETIME Only show changes before DATETIME
m=HASH     Mark this particular file version
n=NUM      Show the first NUM changes only
brbg       Background color by branch name
ubg        Background color by user name
ci=HASH    Ancestors of a particular check-in
orig=HASH  If both ci and orig are supplied, only show those
changes on a direct path from orig to ci.
showid     Show RID values for debugging

DATETIME may be "now" or "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS". If in year-month-day form, it may be truncated, and it may also name a timezone offset from UTC as "-HH:MM" (westward) or "+HH:MM" (eastward). Either no timezone suffix or "Z" means UTC.