Help: reparent

The "reparent" command:

Usage: fossil reparent [OPTIONS] CHECK-IN PARENT ...

Create a "parent" tag that causes CHECK-IN to be interpreted as a child of PARENT. If multiple PARENTs are listed, then the first is the primary parent and others are merge ancestors.

This is an experts-only command. It is used to patch up a repository that has been damaged by a shun or that has been pieced together from two or more separate repositories. You should never need to reparent during normal operations.

Reparenting is accomplished by adding a parent tag. So to undo the reparenting operation, simply delete the tag.

Make database entries but do not add the tag artifact. So the reparent operation will be undone by the next "fossil rebuild" command.
Print the tag that would have been created but do not actually change the database in any way.
--date-override DATETIME
Set the change time on the control artifact
--user-override USER
Set the user name on the control artifact