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30 check-ins related to "bsd-vs-gpl"

Reworked several sections of the doc as sub-sections of "Linux vs. SQLite", which now acts as a frame for those sections. Some of these sections are expanded while others disappear entirely, most especially the "BSD vs GPL" argument that we started off on the now-merged branch to try and refine. We replace a discussion of licensing with one of community structure and our approach to patch acceptance, which is more of what the old licensing discussion was trying to get at without getting into the details of software licensing per se. (check-in: 69ec89b591 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Reduced redundancy in the new feature set size vs ease of use discussion in fossil-v-git. (Closed-Leaf check-in: a52e68459f user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Rewrote the "Accepting Contributions" section of the fossil-v-git doc to focus on the size of each tool in terms of SLOC and features, rather than on licensing details. (check-in: 5fe84e7011 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Fixed some grammar errors in fossil-v-git's new "Accepting Contributions" material. (check-in: 34d758bf86 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Small tweak to prev (check-in: d1c61803fc user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Turned a redundancy in the "Scale" section of fossil-v-git into a clearer point. Also added a bit on Fossil's later birthday and our take on its consequences. (check-in: 30a74d7e05 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Renamed named anchor for "Accepting Contributions" in fossil-v-git from "license" to "contrib". (check-in: 074b896e57 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Re-cast the "BSD vs GPL" section as "Accepting Contributions." In the end, that's what the difference in license amounts to. This makes the section longer, but the change includes a link to skip past the actual licensing discussion for those who don't want to read our attempt at an unbiased discussion of GPL vs BSD, since even if we've succeded, we won't always agree with the user's biases! (check-in: 75e93e35b1 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Another bit of prose polishing in fossil-v-git (check-in: fcdefd97a7 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Prose polishing in the "License" section of fossil-v-git (check-in: eebd713511 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Moved the "BSD vs GPL" section up in the fossil-v-git doc and made it a sub-section of a new "Linux vs SQLite" section which has two other sub-sections: "Development Organization," which contains an expanded version of what used to be called "Cathedral vs. Bazaar" and "Scale," which contains what is left of the prior version's "Linux vs. SQLite" section. These are sub-sections of a common parent because they were mutually repetitive, and they're all aspects of the "Linux vs. SQLite" comparison, not separate things at all. (check-in: bab2656d1c user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Typo fix (check-in: bd0b86e97d user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Added "and use" to fossil-v-git: the license has effects that extend beyond design and implementation. (check-in: 2cc9036e10 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Prose tightening tweak (check-in: d2a77c309e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Reduced repeition of the "deisgn and implementation" bits of "Fossil vs Git" in the new "GPL vs BSD" material. (check-in: 4f293ddf58 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Rewrote the opening paragraph to "GPL vs BSD" in "Fossil vs Git" doc to make it clear that we're not trying to persuade you to make our same choice. Also removed two paragraphs making a judgement about the nature of each license for the same reason. (check-in: d48fdb41fb user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Moved a sentence from the final paragraph up to the first in the "GPL vs BSD" section of the "Fossil vs. Git" doc. It was something of a non-sequitur where it was, and in its new position, it serves to bookend the discussion: we lay out our proposition at the top and come to a conclusion that we believe supports that proposition by the end. (check-in: cb1b007cd5 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Removed a final sentence in a paragraph that basically just restated the paragraph in the new Fossil vs Git doc. (check-in: f5a39a7e1d user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Distilled the points about "GPL + CLA = commrecial interests" to only the bits essential to the "Fossil vs Git" argument. (check-in: ba1fa73b87 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Applied rewording suggested in (check-in: 840f2b3929 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Toned down the "corporate overlord" stuff in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. (check-in: 133927979c user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Changed "pneumatic ratchet wrench" to "impact wrench" and added a Wikipedia link to make an analogy clearer in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. (check-in: 6e3383467c user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Clarified the consequences of a CLA on Fossil and on FOSS projects in general in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. (check-in: fffa67693d user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Clarity tweak to the "why CLA + BSD" justification in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. (check-in: 633830fe17 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Better text justifying the use of a CLA in conjunction with the GPL in the "Fossil vs Git" article. (check-in: 838c9efec8 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Merged in Linux vs SQLite stuff from trunk (check-in: f5321731f9 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Clarified the scale of the Linux vs SQLite projects in the same-named section of the Git vs Fossil doc, tightened up the discussion a bit, and added hard SLOC stats to ground it all. Most controversially, added the rattle wrench analogy. (check-in: 69e7827d26 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Grammar fix to previous (check-in: 7cfe191bf1 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Rewrote the "GPL vs. BSD" section in www/ See forum post here for justification and discussion: (check-in: 68a7563ec7 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Assorted improvements to www/ added hyperlinks, fixed some spelling, capitalization, and grammar problems, clarified "Linux" vs "Linux kernel", clarified the description of the git-worktree feature, moved punctuation inside double quotes (typography), and added a few detail paragraphs. (check-in: fd990128dd user: wyoung tags: trunk)