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337 descendants of version-2.19

Merge enhancements to file labels in Tk diff frontend ... (Leaf check-in: f7c0657bbd user: Torsten tags: trunk)
Rebuid pikchr.wasm/js for latest pikchr.c. ... (check-in: ec6cb37a6a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update to the latest pikchr.c sources. (pikchr.wasm is not updated.) ... (check-in: 544eefd722 user: drh tags: trunk)
Grammar and spelling fix pass on the new nspawn material in the containers doc. ... (check-in: 5405aa5738 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.41.0 alpha with the query planner tuning enhancements, as a beta-test of SQLite looking for performance regressions. ... (check-in: 4ddd884709 user: drh tags: trunk)
Typo fixes ... (check-in: 00e4d91e28 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Assorted prose polishing in the new systemd-container section at the end of the containers doc. ... (check-in: 120a207631 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added a few more "container-*" targets to the main makefile to simplify the examples in the containers doc and make the resulting images and containers easier to manage. ... (check-in: b7edb5f1c5 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Merged two redundant discussions of the consequences of disabling private network virtualization under systemd-container infrastructure, then added better reasons why the reader might care. ... (check-in: 7055433695 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
new branch for enhancements to Tk diff frontend: labeling of file origin (version, repo, working file etc.) in the left and right pane header ... (Leaf check-in: c90ee4bf55 user: Torsten tags: diff-tk-frontend)
Updates to the systemd service doc, primarily to refer the reader to the new containerized runner methods, but also to add other tips. ... (check-in: ad09d3eee0 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Updated the nojail patch so it'll apply atop the new Dockerfile changes. ... (check-in: 45e0475ca7 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Worked out how to get systemd-container (a.k.a. nspawn + machinectl) working with the stock Fossil container. Following the above commits, it's pure documentation. Removed the runc and crun docs at the same time since this is as small as crun while being more functional; there's zero reaon to push through all the additional complexity of those even lower-level tools now that this method is debugged and documented. ... (check-in: 930a655a14 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added empty /tmp and /run directories to the "OS image" layer of the stock container in case someone is mounting the base layer read-only with tmpfs mounted atop these points. (Seen with "systemd-nspawn --read-only" but might affect other runtimes.) ... (check-in: 0733be502b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Container build changes to allow systemd-nspawn to recognize it as an "OS tree:" * Added a dummied-up /etc/os-release file * Moved several programs from /bin to /usr/bin, since existence of /usr is how it decides if the rootfs you point it at contains an OS image. Bogus, but [ | that's how it is]. Had to switch to buildx to make this work, so I could use heredocs in the first step. ... (check-in: f74ddbce71 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added "container-clean" target to cleanup after the other container-* targets. ... (check-in: e119d59836 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Tried to get "--with-tcl=1" working in the containerized build, but failed, so I documented the reason why it isn't going to work given our current design goals and pointed at an alternative with different tradeoffs. ... (check-in: fb1bfce16d user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added the FSLCFG Dockerfile build arg and showed how to use it in the containers doc, plus other improvements to the doc while in there. ... (check-in: e2277aad16 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Put a "sleep 1" into "make container-run" before the step that shows the container logs to ensure we show everything it says on startup. Added this on seeing just the first line of output due to a race condition, so I missed the generated admin password. ... (check-in: 4429e10f6d user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The "container-run" target now runs "container-image" conditionally, building it only if it wasn't created in a prior step. This allows custom image builds followed by a one-command way of running that built image. Without this, the custom image gets stomped on. ... (check-in: a9e862b887 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Reverted the build hack to strip out all but the default and darkmode skins in the stock Dockerfile. That was done to cater to a wish for extremely small ARM builds, for fun, not for any practical reason. It conflicts with a key philosophy behind this container project, to create stock Fossil builds by default. "make container-image" should get you a functionally identical binary inside the container as "./configure && make" does outside it. ... (check-in: 3e95d94583 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Make sure SQLite is compiled with HAVE_USLEEP. ... (check-in: f97f90c08d user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove JS console debug output added by the previous checkin. ... (check-in: 2755b31a87 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: add embedded view support for .wiki/.md/.pikchr file attachments, with the caveat that the rendering happens in an iframe and thus has some limitations/usability quirks compared to non-iframed content. Added based on feedback from a /chat session. ... (check-in: fd5298f027 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Improve consistency of "fossil branch" command. I don't think this deserves more attention but others may decide to make it do more. ... (check-in: 761a39c025 user: andybradford tags: trunk)
Fix <code>artifact_page()</code> function so that the content of a text file is surrounded by CODE elements even if a file's extension is just a single letter. ... (check-in: e7a7b5c1b0 user: george tags: trunk)
Add TH1 command "<code>submenu</code>". For the time being it has just one subcommand "<code>link</code>" that adds a hyperlink to the submenu of a page. ... (check-in: 71b221657b user: george tags: trunk)
In the new forum reply header, reduce size from H1 to H2 and italicize the thread title. ... (check-in: 7b92fc614d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Slight reformatting of the forum reply page header based on feedback from [|sqlite forum post c745cf3a7f6246de]. Now says: Replying to HASH-with-link in thread TITLE-without-link ... (check-in: 0b6b3a001a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the built-in zlib to version 1.2.13, released on October 13, 2022. ... (check-in: a9e589ca28 user: florian tags: trunk)
Add compat/zlib/contrib/ada/* and compat/zlib/doc/* to the ignore-glob. Now there's only two (manual) cherry-picks required for zlib updates: [0f8bae079e] and [368d97869b] (though the upstream ticket for [368d97869b] is commented as "Incorporated" and closed: []). ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1a52d387c2 user: florian tags: zlib-update)
Carry forward [511ad59ae3] to the zlib 1.2.13 update: exclude all files from the contrib/ada subdirectory. ... (check-in: aafa682bb9 user: florian tags: zlib-update)
Do not attempt to render empty description of a report. Also make hyperlinks in a report's submenu more robust. This amends [fcf17b28a902c0]. ... (check-in: 04a01d066a user: george tags: trunk)
Omit "Show associated wikis" from the submenu of a [/wcontent] page if there are no associated wikis in a repository (this amends [29a24941ed9b]). Also optimize out a couple of unnecessary calls to mprintf(). ... (check-in: e3c8aad9b1 user: george tags: trunk)
Fix malformed hyperlink for historical revisions of a forum post. Perhaps introduced by check-in [168eb71643a4]. Reported by [forum:44505ae8ec515e75|forum post 44505ae8ec51]. ... (check-in: 114b17c408 user: george tags: trunk)
Rename test_find_pivot() to merge_base_cmd(). No functional changes. ... (check-in: 8cc9211f9f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Upgrade the test-find-pivot command to the merge-base command, per discussion at [forum:1f5db4364464e965|forum post 1f5db4364464e965]. ... (check-in: 2b6649c743 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Comment typo fix. No code changes. ... (check-in: 95e5814c9b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the change log for the report format enhancement. ... (check-in: c2467e52ef user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a potentially uninitialized variable associated with the resent ticket report changes. ... (check-in: d296ddb272 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the ability to specify a description for each ticket report format. The user and reportfmt tables are updated with a new jx column containing JSON that describes the new features. (The user.jx table is currently not used but it was convenient to add it at the same time.) ... (check-in: fcf17b28a9 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make sure the reportfmt table contains the jx column before trying to use that column. ... (Leaf check-in: d433272527 user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Use the "name" query parameter to select a report number. The legacy "rn" query parameter still works, but generated hyperlinks now use the new format. ... (check-in: 3048c04b2a user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Provide the ability to add custom header text on all ticket reports. The header and its mimetype are stored in the REPORTFMT.JX column. ... (check-in: c06a9980c3 user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Give the JX column of USER and REPORTFMT a default value which is valid JSON. ... (check-in: 2433964d8f user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Factor out the ALTER TABLE statements that add the JX column to the USER and REPORTFMT tables into separate subroutines. ... (check-in: 8f6d7dacbb user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Add the "jx" column to the "user" and "reportfmt" tables, with the intent of using the column for JSON metadata. Currently unused. Make arrangements to sync the "jx" column (using the "fossil config" command) in a way that is backwards compatible with older versions that do not have the "jx" column. ... (check-in: b7ac178c4f user: drh tags: json-meta-data)
Increase the version number to 2.21 to start the next development cycle. ... (check-in: 8dcee00837 user: danield tags: trunk)
Merge in setupuser-retain-pw branch (HTML change only, no code). ... (check-in: 88f9da9880 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Prefixing each shell script section in the Dockerfile with "set -x" broke the checks to prevent running UPX on ARM builds. You can still get release container builds on ARM by copying this fixed Dockerfile to your release checkout. ... (check-in: b4c3d9a13e user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fix harmless typos reported by [forum:/forumpost/15f7327318|forum post 15f7327318]. ... (check-in: f3adbd8874 user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove the "ada" subdirectory from the compat/zlib/contrib because it is not used, but it does (apparently) cause warnings for lintian. Perhaps this will be a partial fix for the warnings reported by [forum:/forumpost/15f7327318|forum post 15f7327318]. ... (check-in: 511ad59ae3 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update website for the 2.20 release. ... (check-in: e14628bc3d user: drh tags: trunk)
Version 2.20 ... (check-in: 210e89a059 user: drh tags: trunk, release, version-2.20)
Merge trunk into wcag-2.1 branch for deployment on test server. ... (Leaf check-in: 56d8000a53 user: stephan tags: wcag-2.1)
Update the built-in SQLite to the 3.40.0 release. ... (check-in: d0ee810004 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the 3.40.0 rc1 for testing. ... (check-in: 2ece5d0f06 user: drh tags: trunk)
Removed the title property from the nav element for the submenu in style.c. It caused a redundant tooltip, and was not necessary. ... (check-in: ba3fa28d68 user: ericwikman tags: wcag-2.1)
Update /chat and /pikchrshow UIs to work with skins conforming to the WCAG rework as well as pre-WCAG skins (except for the bootstrap skin, which restructures the DOM in an incompatible way). ... (check-in: d208efdd5e user: stephan tags: wcag-2.1)
Merge trunk into wcag-2.1 for cleaner diff comparison. ... (check-in: e1a9fdd768 user: stephan tags: wcag-2.1)
Apply fixes to all web views to pass WCAG 2.1 tests performed by "axe DevTools" browser extension. Most fixes related to screen reader compatibility, like making sure that form elements have labels. Some color changes to improve contrast on Default skin. Made more HTML5 compliant. Minor improvement to select combo boxes for UX. Improved Search form UX. Two minor bug fixes for malformed HTML. Fixed help pages to resolve issues with non-compliant HTML being generated. Mostly documented at ... (check-in: 1f231db380 user: ericwikman tags: wcag-2.1)
Only issue notififications for ticket changes that do not previously appear in the EVENT table. Fix for ticket [ad9aa572e7972f57]. ... (check-in: fb040bb013 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the TH_ListAppend() function in TH1 so that it correctly escapes strings that have a '}' character that has no matching '{' to its left. Fix for ticket [4d73b4a2258a78e2]. ... (check-in: 4ec65ebba9 user: drh tags: trunk)
A proposed fix for ticket [ad9aa572e7972f57]. Use an UPDATE rather than a REPLACE where possible when redoing EVENT table entries for tickets that are being rebuild, in order to avoid unnecessary notification events. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1f0f62261c user: drh tags: ticket-notification-fix)
Yet another shell.c import from SQLite to deal with more typedef issues. ... (check-in: f0e625b1aa user: drh tags: trunk)
Update to a newer version of 3.40.0 that includes a fix to shell.c that allows it to be compiled with older C compilers. ... (check-in: 25799e8930 user: drh tags: trunk)
Respect `"timeline-utc"` setting when a ticket change artifact is displayed on the <tt>/info</tt> page. This makes it consistent with other places and fixes a hyperlink to the corresponding item of the <tt>/timeline</tt>. ... (check-in: 0028a3ca6a user: george tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.40.0 beta, for testing. ... (check-in: 10d7174847 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add a note to /setup_uedit that leaving the ostensibly populated password field unchanged will retain the current password, per discussion in [forum:0463cc2e87a3c676|forum post 0463cc2e87a3c676]. (Branched for later addition to v2.21.) ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: fe37399487 user: stephan tags: setupuser-retain-pw)
Omit "Show associated wikis" from the submenu of a [/wcontent] page if there are no associated wikis in a repository. This amends [29a24941ed9b]. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 6e28f28091 user: george tags: pre-2.21)
Fix a bug when handling timeline data blocks not containing any check-ins. ... (Leaf check-in: d3f9b8ab78 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Also documented the new "clone -u -v" feature. ... (check-in: 0d61fd2310 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Since it seems my clone -u fixes are going to stick, documented them in the changelog. ... (check-in: 02631e3500 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Improve correctness, usability and efficiency for the case when values in a TICKET's column tend to be long and volatile. Owner of a repository may specify one or several TICKET's columns so that delta-compression is tried for the corresponding ticket change artifacts and the corresponding changes on the <tt>/tkthistory</tt> page are rendered via unified diffs. See details in the [/wiki?name=branch/deltify-tkt-blobs&p|associated wiki]. ... (check-in: 872a3b2327 user: george tags: trunk)
Add comments for auxiliary local variables inside <code>ticket_output_change_artifact()</code>. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 53b66cf63f user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Typo fix in ... (check-in: 141793c4ab user: stephan tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Merge trunk into deltify-tkt-blobs branch. ... (check-in: 86916df534 user: stephan tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix a typo in a comment. ... (check-in: a2ed111979 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Add more comments and a changelog item. No code changes. ... (check-in: e690df08f4 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
The check for whether to continue during sync due to outstanding "uvgimme" requests was being skipped in clone -u mode due to misordered tests at the end of the client side of the sync protocol. ... (check-in: 52648d0384 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Since "fossil uv sync -v" turns on UV trace mode, made "fossil clone -u -v" enable that mode as well, since otherwise there's no way to get into UV trace mode during clone. (e.g. There is no global "--uvtrace" option.) ... (check-in: cdd58b1fbf user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Consolidated two related tests in the sync protocol to avoid re-testing a flag twice and to bring related code closer together. ... (check-in: 6293b28209 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Corrected a difference in the case of a SQLite table name. The DBMS doesn't care, but it risks missing relevant references to this table when searching with a case-sensitive text editor. ... (check-in: 1b1887cb69 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Mention the new `fossil branch lsh' subcommand in the change log. ... (check-in: 67c9d929db user: florian tags: trunk)
Typo fix in the 2.20 changelog ... (check-in: c301250872 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Update the built-in Pikchr source code and WASM/JS builds. ... (check-in: 8f4a32ccae user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.40.0 alpha version that includes all performance enhancements and bug fixes. ... (check-in: 4aa7837505 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update to a still newer version of SQLite 3.40.0 alpha that compiles without warnings on Mac ARM64. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 6ff6d49521 user: drh tags: busted-build)
Remove the -D_HAVE_SQLITE_CONFIG_H option from the build of SQLite. We haven't had the config.h file for SQLite, so this should be a harmless change. ... (check-in: 2522366fc7 user: drh tags: busted-build)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.40.0 alpha version that includes all bug fixes and performance enhancements. ... (check-in: c7dc188478 user: drh tags: busted-build)
Fix a comment typo. ... (check-in: db8b14c57a user: drh tags: trunk)
Code maintenance for the `copybtn.js' script: Remove global data, reference DOM elements by function-binding instead of by id (that is possibly reused for the short-lived tooltip), and normalize variable names and string quoting style. ... (check-in: d5f6621527 user: florian tags: trunk)
Minor comment reformatting. ... (check-in: 0df4abc74b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Cache get_comment_format() result to avoid that the global config db is queried once per timeline row, which brings fossil to a standstill when ~/ is NFS-mounted. Discussion in [forum:9aaefe4e536e01bf]. ... (check-in: 6e62c8510f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add a by-hour-of-day report to the /reports page, prompted by a /chat discussion. (Edit: initial user mis-attribution was caused by a config-pull which changed my local default user.) ... (check-in: bb6f23313e user: stephan tags: trunk)
For the BUILTIN virtual table, map one-based rowids to zero-based array indices, to fix access to the first entry. ... (check-in: cf563c7217 user: florian tags: trunk)
Document more consequences of the merge parent-merge child relationship not recorded for private branches. ... (check-in: 3b719a9614 user: florian tags: trunk)
Cherry-pick [767b175d90]: Avoid references to private check-ins in Q-cards of public check-in manifests. This ensures consistent behavior regarding leakage of private check-in hashes, possibly generating phantoms on peer repositories, for P- and Q-cards. ... (check-in: 52a66829d6 user: florian tags: trunk)
Experimental refinements to the fix on this branch to make it slightly more efficient. ... (Leaf check-in: 2172c51377 user: mistachkin tags: nonHashFix)
Merge updates from trunk. ... (check-in: 7489c8b932 user: mistachkin tags: nonHashFix)
Merge updates from trunk. ... (Leaf check-in: 6f3640a71d user: mistachkin tags: th1Hash)
Highlight a ticket's change that corresponds to the URL's fragment of the <tt>/tkthistory</tt> page. ... (check-in: 7afd4db3d3 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Carry forward [368d97869b] to the zlib 1.2.13 update. ... (check-in: dc13e1e50e user: florian tags: zlib-update)
Carry forward [cc3765eb12] to the zlib 1.2.13 update. ... (check-in: 1a1295a538 user: florian tags: zlib-update)
Update the built-in zlib to version 1.2.13, released on October 13, 2022. In accordance with check-in [eea86cee3a], all files from the doc/ subdirectory are excluded. ... (check-in: e9e679c56f user: florian tags: zlib-update)
Rework the previous check-in to fix incorrect backlinks' sources for the case when values are appended to a field (i.e. a value of J-card starts with '+'). Consider a reference to 77ab05a0e9 from [caeb7d672df20] for an example which was handled incorrectly by [668e45baff99]. ... (check-in: 4d5ded5eea user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Grammar fix ... (check-in: 658547aa7c user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Assorted fixes and improvements to the doc ... (check-in: 27458ef7ba user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Updated the debian/ doc for Ubuntu 22.04. The biggie is simplifying the TLS configuration, since the manual method we used to have no longer seems to be required with current versions of Certbot. ... (check-in: 716ae7c069 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fixed a few references to the obsolete doc. (It became part of the overall server doc long ago.) ... (check-in: 780b58bccf user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Assorted updates surrounding my fslsrv wrapper: * Reflected improvements from the version into this simpler alternative. Although we don't generally recommend use of this script any more, preferring systemd to get autostart on boot and autorestart on crash, www/server/any/ still refers to this script, and it feels like a regression to remove it. If someone is interested in simple-as-possible SCGI service, fslsrv is a fit companion. * Removed direct reference to fslsrv from www/server/debian/ since the indirect reference via the SCGI doc suffices. * The full-strength nginx doc now refers to both of these fslsrv variants in a handwavy way, since it's outside the scope of that doc to care how you get your background SCGI servers running. ... (check-in: 1cbcb38cc9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added hyperlinks to the new changelog entries referencing the files in question. ... (check-in: 2c127ba7aa user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fix the htmlizer so that it converts 0x0d (carriage return) into 0x20 (ordinary space). Fix for the diff problem reported by [forum:/info/2a63b483f5f048c2|forum post 2a63b483f5f048c2] ... (check-in: 050ba62973 user: drh tags: trunk)
Closing off the containers project: added the doc to the permuted index, noted the changes in the changelog, and removed all the hedging about WAL mode in the doc, having failed to make WAL fail in this scenario. ... (check-in: 92982dc4e2 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fix some broken hyperlinks in documentation files. ... (check-in: a59af25f60 user: danield tags: trunk)
Check the meta key modifier (⊞|⌘|◆) when processing keyboard events. ... (check-in: 11bb41e09e user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Check the meta key modifier (⊞|⌘|◆) when processing keyboard events. ... (Leaf check-in: 4811d5b237 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Cross reference the new CSS classes, as they appear fragmented in the JS part, and therefore can't be found by code search. ... (check-in: ec955233b8 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Fix redundant back-references originating from outdated/superseded values within TICKET table. See forum thread [forum:/forumthread/a6ba08e926a8cfdf|a6ba08e926]. ... (check-in: 668e45baff user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix naming of columns on the [/test-backlinks] page. ... (check-in: 6a5604f481 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Shortcuts G and SHIFT+G to load the default timeline, or the timeline around the current check-out. ... (check-in: 2ed74216fb user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcuts U and SHIFT+U to reload the current page in Unified Diff or Side-By-Side Diff mode. ... (check-in: 35cf6f3022 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Typo fixes in the /dir browser header: All File ==> All Files. ... (check-in: 7727f9a6fb user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix a bug for empty change views (for example check-ins created by `fossil branch new', or no-op /vdiff and /fdiff views). ... (check-in: 4c336f372e user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Sync with trunk. ... (check-in: 901ae7258b user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Sync with trunk. ... (check-in: e5c5e6f0e9 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Simplification to the JS used as part of anti-robot defenses. ... (check-in: 08535b229e user: drh tags: trunk)
Minor code cleanups and comment updates. ... (check-in: d17b59763e user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Add documentation, thanks @ams for help with wording. An alternative (but not less redundant) approach may be to create a new documentation-only web page to list available keyboard shortcuts for all pages (there's also the global ESC shortcut to close the Hamburger Menu) linked to from the individual command help screens. ... (check-in: 8773bb88a4 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Correct skintxt2config.c to be able to handle 0-byte input files. ... (check-in: c7c1c4e8b9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Comment updates. ... (check-in: d1d5e99cdc user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Since dynamically added CSS classes to hide elements are discarded on back/forward navigation, reset all diff toggle checkboxes to checked to match what is actually visible. An alternative approach is to find the unchecked diff toggles and reapply the CSS classes to hide the corresponding diff blocks. ... (check-in: 4368a1c992 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
'skin:' CGI config directive now accepts an empty value for consistency with the --skin CLI flag. ... (check-in: 6362a98fa6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
--skin "" now forces use of the current edited skin and the warning on the /skins page about a forced skin now distinguishes between /draft and --skin ... usage. ... (check-in: 816f6c040d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Import the latest 3.40.0 alpha version of SQLite into the tree. ... (check-in: fbad277226 user: drh tags: trunk)
add new "Related Work" page linked from the User Links page Suggested by drh@ with lots of tweaks from wyoung@ ... (check-in: 8ab498bd06 user: mark tags: trunk)
Fix scrolling if there's only one diff block. ... (check-in: e41214d25b user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Implement Javascript-based keyboard navigation for web UI diffs. Shortcuts SHIFT+I or I show or hide all diffs, and P or O show the next or previous diff. See [forum:a78f44576c| Forum Post a78f44576c] for more information. ... (check-in: b7e089e0f3 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
improve login-group command documentation and output Prompted by [forum:58f01f6d92], [forum:a7d15cc071], and [forum:1c639bcdea]. Clarify semantics of -R|--repository in 'fossil login-group join' and make user output more helpful. While here, trim some trailing whitespace. ... (check-in: 83bc81e882 user: mark tags: trunk)
make chatbot message box transparent to avoid collisions Suggested by mgagnon in /chat. Hint from stephan. ... (check-in: c8b3ec1e6d user: mark tags: trunk)
Fix a bug in the chat-robot. ... (check-in: b3f87ef7c2 user: drh tags: trunk)
print stash metadata when popping or applying stash Feature request from Alfred M. Szmidt in [forum:ae3ad9c69f]. Minor tweak of original patch by stephan@ ... (check-in: 1392710fb4 user: mark tags: trunk)
Replaced most of the speculation in the walmode section of the containers doc with a link to the walbanger project, where we'll be answering this question. ... (check-in: 96633067d5 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The g.fJail global variable should always be set whenever a chroot jail has been entered. ... (check-in: 558cef7c6d user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge trunk into markdown-tagrefs branch. ... (Leaf check-in: 7321b44acf user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Cherrypick [5ade6fb863e4], inadvertently checked in on a different branch. ... (check-in: 44c5d02932 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Correct an outdated path and fix a typo reported in the forum. Doc changes only, no code. ... (check-in: 5ade6fb863 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Update the hyperlink for purchasing a SEE license. ... (check-in: c3ce8a424a user: danield tags: trunk)
fix specified file path case in locate_unmanaged_files() Only insert unmanaged files into the temp sfile table. This now makes the routine behave consistently whether file, directory, or no paths are passed on the command line, and fixes the `fossil changes --extra` bug report in [forum:452ec8fac167]. ... (check-in: 39eb451ad3 user: mark tags: trunk)
tweak `fossil remote` cmd to update the "default" name Don't delete the current default remote-url when the user invokes the invalid `fossil remote add default` command; instead, output correct usage to update the special "default" symbolic name. Tweak help text to make this more obvious. Prompted by [forum:5748fcb117a99b43]. ... (check-in: 2a3e851e7b user: mark tags: trunk)
Link keyboard and mouse navigation and enable changing keyboard focus with Ctrl+Click. ... (check-in: 29824137be user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Sync with trunk. ... (check-in: 3c92971996 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Minor changes to option handling for the `ui' command: (A) Abort early with an error message if the specified port number is invalid (instead of later with an assertion failure); (B) Add short form -p for --page; (C) Add short form -B for --nobrowser. ... (check-in: 1431ebae3d user: florian tags: trunk)
Prevent the web UI side-by-side diffs and their scrollbars from getting truncated on the right. [forum:f9becc251c| Forum Post f9becc251c]. ... (check-in: 1a668d359a user: florian tags: trunk)
Enhancements to the "fossil finfo -i" command such that it only shows the first check-in for the file (unless -v is also used) and so that it shows the modification time as a separate line for easy parsing by scripts. ... (check-in: ac6edb35df user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the help text for the previous check-in. ... (check-in: c0162a4f09 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the "finfo" command so that -r is not required with -i. If the -r is omitted, then "current" is used in its place. ... (check-in: 35c6d15a08 user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove an extra newline character from the output of the new "fossil remote hyperlink" command. ... (check-in: 76bc66a950 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the "fossil remote hyperlink" and "fossil remote ui" subcommands. ... (check-in: b2e2fc0372 user: drh tags: trunk)
Backup any unmamaged files that are about to be overwritten by an update or merge. Potentially avoid the loss of a local file if the overwrite warning goes unnoticed, in which case undo is useless. ... (check-in: e99e58c568 user: mgagnon tags: trunk)
Fix a typo in comment (no code change) ... (check-in: 1356151980 user: mgagnon tags: trunk)
On the [/help?cmd=/tkthistory|/tkthistory page] supply each ticket change item with a corresponding id attribute and make the 'History' button within a submenu of a [/help?cmd=/tinfo|/tinfo page] to link back to that particular element on the <code>/tkthistory</code> page. ... (check-in: 4bb91f38a8 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Minor optimization and refactoring. ... (check-in: b2049d643b user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Add a comment to the tree-view to explain that file ages are relative to the check-in time. ... (check-in: 0fb353c10d user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge trunk into markdown-tagrefs branch. ... (check-in: 8ef0347fd3 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Add documentation for chat-timeline-user. ... (check-in: 24c71dfb1e user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the chat-timeline-user setting to the 2.20 change log. ... (check-in: 0efd583a54 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added lmtime value to chat-timeline-user's chat messages, using the server's local time, to fix time display in the /chat message popup. ... (check-in: e1ad499265 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Improved comments on the new chat-timeline-user feature. ... (check-in: c3ed2430cc user: drh tags: trunk)
Improved chat messages for the chat-timeline-robot. ... (check-in: 974cf3667c user: drh tags: trunk)
Improve <code>/tkthistory</code> page: render selected ticket fields as unified diffs. ... (check-in: b75a9d0fa3 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Do not require that the chat-timeline robot username be an actual user in the USER table. If the chat-timeline-user config variable exists, then timeline events are announced in chat, regardless. ... (check-in: 1f5474ec31 user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove redundant PRE tags on the <code>/wdiff</code> pages. ... (check-in: 0dd5451d7f user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Add the ability to designate a timeline robot user. If such a user exists, and if chat is enabled, then notifications of all timeline events appear in chat, from the robot user. ... (check-in: e9d7cf3e92 user: drh tags: trunk)
Minor improvement to SEE integration. ... (check-in: 660c2b1512 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Sync up custom makefile for MinGW. ... (check-in: a3ed29ea34 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Mentioned containerd+nerdctl in place of runc in the containers doc. A tightened-up version of the prior runc and crun sections are now collected below the Podman section. This gives a better flow: each successive option is smaller than the last, excepting only nspawn, which is a bit bigger than crun. (We leave nspawn last because we can't get it to work!) ... (check-in: 457c14a490 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Updated the "nojail" patch for our Dockerfile to track the recent changes: rename back from and the layer refactoring. It does essentially the same thing as before. ... (check-in: 19abf0ac13 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Merge trunk into remote-add-fix branch. ... (Leaf check-in: baf635cb7e user: stephan tags: remote-add-fix)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.40.0 alpha. ... (check-in: 9d12e96440 user: drh tags: trunk)
Broke the Dockerfile up into more layers to allow better local caching at build time. Further optimized build time by producing the Fossil source tarball from the local repo instead of hitting the home site if you use the container-image target, since we can be reasonably certain you're working from a repo checkout and thus have all the info available here locally already. ... (check-in: 1da464eeb9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Expanded the paragraph on WAL mode interactions in the container doc into a full section, placed higher up, immediately after the first use of Docker's "--volume" flag, to explain why we don't map just the repo DB file, but the whole directory it sits in. Even if we later convince ourselves WAL is safe under this scenario, it'll be conditional at best, so some remnant of this section must remain, no matter which way the experiments go. ... (check-in: 698587d41d user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Renamed back to Dockerfile so it can be used as-is on non-autosetup systems. Realized that we can pass the Fossil checkin hash prefix in as a build arg instead of regenerating the file on disk from auto.def. If you use the Dockerfile as-shipped, you get a "trunk" build, which risks a stale cache — it thinks it already has a tarball by that name and helpfully refuses to pull it again — but at least Windows users get *something* without hand-hacking the file. ... (check-in: b0c9c26a9c user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added a /jail/log directory to the container so someone can pass --errorlog and such to the Fossil instance and have a place to put it. It also acts as a mountpoint for appending to a log out on the host. ... (check-in: ed50ceee0d user: wyoung tags: trunk)
/dev permissions were too tight in the container. They're still tighter than on a stock Ubuntu box, but they should suffice for Fossil's needs. ... (check-in: 8eeb95e127 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Restricted the container listeners to localhost in section 6 of the containers doc, and mentioned a few other items related to reverse proxying with nginx. ... (check-in: c9ab736f78 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Folded info from an exchange with the Podman devs into the container doc. ... (check-in: 80f4a1dd49 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added section numbers to the containers doc (it was getting confusing) and added a few internal fragment IDs. ... (check-in: 4d51d52417 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Finished all the new topics planned for the new containers doc, adding sections on rootful Podman containers and on building via Docker but running via Podman, using Docker Hub as an intermediary to avoid building on the remote host. ... (check-in: 9c96e49995 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Sanitized a local port number out of previous ... (check-in: 3dfa458167 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added my sad tale of failure and woe with systemd-nspawn to the container docs, both as a warning to those who follow, and as a cry for help to someone who can make this work. I can't be bothered to spend more time on it, but there's no point throwing the work away. ... (check-in: 1e8c665528 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Documented another cause to modify the "m" variable in the runc examples in the container docs. ... (check-in: bf5030883a user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added more jq filters to the runc examples to remove further problematic things left in the automatic conversion from the Docker container configuration file to the one we provide to runc. ... (check-in: 4e8c74797f user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Worked through some difficulties here in applying the runc method on remote systems, then documented what I learned in the containers doc. ... (check-in: 56f4e2ce2f user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Small fix to previous ... (check-in: d5695c8ef1 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Expanded the runc section of the container doc to cover "bundle" terminology and to show a method for rsyncing the bundle across to a remote host. Also explained why this is a bad idea unless you've got a rather constrained use case, lest people avoid using podman/docker in places where they could provide real value. ... (check-in: f9f13ce7a9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Documented the runc and crun options for running a container, including the cryptic method for exporting an OCI bundle from Docker, allowing you to use both together: Docker Desktop on your big dev box in the office, then one of the two lightweight runtimes out in the cloud. ... (check-in: c9431ef4a3 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added explicit instructions for patching the Dockerfile for the nojail/podman method and for mapping a single Fossil repo into the container rather than a directory. Also included my best current advice on using WAL mode in these contexts. ... (check-in: 87a23d2a7c user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Removed a TODO-based section of the new containers doc that wasn't meant to be checked in yet. Made a few improvements to the new Podman material as well. ... (check-in: 5adf6c40d9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added the "Lightweight Alternatives to Docker" section to the new containers doc, currently limited to a tutorial on converting the stock Dockerfile to work under Podman in its default mode, creating a rootless container. This brings in the second container-related file at the root of the repo, the patch file for this, so we don't have to maintain two nearly-parallel Dockerfiles. As a bonus, it allows us to point to the patch from the prose, making explicit what we had to change. ... (check-in: f0399ea9ca user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Moved the busybox-config file from tools/ into a new containers/ subdirectory. We were using that as a junk-drawer directory, for lack of a better place to put it. Now that we're about to have a second container-related file in the repo, that weak excuse is wearing thin. ... (check-in: b08e2bb747 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Referencing the new file from so we can remove a big redundant block comment from it. While in there, made a few style tweaks that will help the ongoing container document expansion. ... (check-in: be8f721d61 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Extracted the Docker containers material from www/ and moved it into a new document dedicated to the topic, It was already pushing the bounds of how much info we want to provide in a single section of that doc, and it's about to get bigger. As part of the conversion from wiki format to Markdown, did another edit pass on the doc, improving a few things along the way. Dropped the "docker-" prefix from all internal IDs, as we no longer need them to disambiguate references to other parts of the build doc. ... (check-in: 7129dc9868 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Address builtin_deliver_multiple_js_files() endless loop reported in [forum:a9a60fab07|forum post a9a60fab07]. ... (check-in: 76c9bbb3bd user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add aliases as a new command type and display these next to the corresponding main command in /help. Make sure that for the 'test-all-help' command and webpage each help string is output at most once. ... (check-in: db70849495 user: danield tags: trunk)
Merge in trunk. Resolve a shadowed var in dispatch.c which led to an assigned-but-not-used warning. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: a257fbd92e user: stephan tags: help-aliases-unique)
Embroidered the "make container-run" target to make it more convenient. ... (check-in: bc09e28a26 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The container doc bit on raw sockets now covers the other three Busybox utilities we left out previously. Today's removal of ping and traceroute merely completes the set; it wasn't complete in itself. ... (check-in: b429bd71db user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Clarified the points in §5.2.1 of the Docker container build doc regarding the reason why the server parent process runs as root. ... (check-in: c2eaa60da9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Researched, tested, and documented the set of "docker create --cap-drop" options we can add to strip away unnecessary root privileges inside the container without harming normal operation. Belt-and-suspenders: if any bad actor ever got into the container with root privileges, this would help prevent them from affecting anything outside the container. Added that set to the "make container-run" target so they get applied by default in the easy case. ... (check-in: f715add938 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Removed ping and traceroute commands from the Docker container. They require raw sockets support, which means if anyone broke into the container and managed a root privilege escalation, they could do a wide array of bad things on any network the container is bound to. ... (check-in: f00a88f896 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Polishing pass on §5.2 of the container build doc, "Why Chroot?" ... (check-in: e98603144b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Add a missing closing LI tag for the /tkthistory page. ... (check-in: 2d0b2bda87 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Minor optimization within <code>getAllTicketFields()</code> function. ... (check-in: c3e7ed3089 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Clarified the parent process user ID vs the child process in the explanation of how the chroot feature interacts with the custom user feature of the Docker container. ... (check-in: f9ddd38ecc user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Made a better distinction between bind mounts and Docker volumes in the new Docker section of the build doc. ... (check-in: 958a6af94b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Add a slight drop shadow to the /chat message widgets. Edit: we already had a drop shadow, just placed on a different sub-element. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: b04740bd75 user: stephan tags: mistake)
Correct a NULL being passed to strcmp() which caused any submit of JS script code in the skin editor to segfault. Reported in [forum:9d9f0580fd | forum post 9d9f0580fd]. ... (check-in: a88478391e user: stephan tags: trunk)
Make it possible to store similar ticket change artifacts as deltas. This might be useful when a certain column of the <var>TICKET</var> table holds a lengthy text that may undergo frequent modifications. This is an opt-in feature. It is activated only when <var>TICKET</var> table contains a phony <code>INTEGER</code> column <code>"baseline for $name"</code> where <code>$name</code> stands for the name of the actual column provisioned for the aforementioned frequently changing text. ... (check-in: 0f4a0fe82a user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix the logic to cancel default actions and further event bubbling to take effect for all handled keys. ... (check-in: 9cfd4e2b23 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Add the "Timeline" submenu link on the setup_edit page, for ordinary users. Change the "Access Log" link on that same page so that it is only present for ordinary users - not special users like "reader" or "developer". ... (check-in: 6f70a236ce user: drh tags: trunk)
Removed a digression in the gitusers doc about Fossil's new clone-and-open mechanisms. That got moved to the ckout-workflows doc quite some time back, and we already point to it from that same section. There's no reason for the redundancy. Also cleaned up some grammar and typos while in there. ... (check-in: f43eaf01e3 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Changed the "fossil server --user" flag's argument back to "admin" from "fossil" for the container: I was confusing the Unix user name with the default Fossil repo user name. The new "adduser fossil" stuff doesn't help here; we still want it to be called "admin". ... (check-in: 72d820f320 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
ARM build fixes for the container: * QEMU couldn't cope with "make -j" on the BusyBox step (too many processes) so I changed it to -j11 * Made the new executable compression step conditional, since there is no upx package in Alpine for either ARM flavor. There's [ | a long bug thread] for it on GitHub, which doesn't look to be getting resolved any time soon. ... (check-in: 8849abb733 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Minor fixes to the Docker container build process ... (check-in: 454397b0cd user: wyoung tags: trunk)
URL fix necessitated from the rename ... (check-in: 2f67bf941a user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Carved the Docker container image size down still further by stripping out all but two of the stock skins (d* so we get default and darkmode) and packing Fossil and BusyBox with UPX. ... (check-in: e20d044cc0 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fixed an Obi Wan error in the new Fossil version prefix stuff in auto.def: it was extracting the first 13 characters of the hash, not the first 12. ... (check-in: 7ecd23e0ef user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added the container-image and container-run top-level build targets to manage dependencies better and to auto-version the build products. ... (check-in: 67386c75f5 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Put the "--user fossil" bit back into the fossil server command for the container. Just ran into a situations where it's still needed. ... (check-in: 4c8cc80450 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Polishing pass on the container repo storage section of the build docs. ... (check-in: 3e332637f1 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Changed several of the Docker environment variables to build arguments so the user an override them at build time rather than container creation time, and documented them in Using this new mechanism to pull the Fossil source tarball in such a way that we can use the Docker artifact cache without getting stale builds. You can now pass one of the new build args to force the old behavior if you want it. This required generating Dockerfile from at configure time, to inject the current Fossil checkin ID. (This busts the Docker cache when the source tree changes.) ... (check-in: f938438380 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Adding the BusyBox tarball to the container image with an ADD command rather than wget to avoid triggering GitHub throttling. Unlike the Fossil repo URL, it has a version number baked into it, so it's safe to give it over to Docker's caching behavior. ... (check-in: d06d7c464e user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Noted the container size shrinkage in the fossil-v-git doc ... (check-in: f21de33e97 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The container now builds Busybox from source so we can remove utilities that are unhelpful inside the container. We leave a lot behind for expansion (e.g. the runit init system, crond, inetd…) but we remove things that have no possible justification, such as modprobe. We remove everything from /bin that's a shell builtin (echo, printf, test…) and we replace a few BusyBox commands (sha[13]sum) with wrapper shell scripts that call Fossil builtins. We cap that off by adding a "sqlite3" wrapper that calls "fossil sqlite3 --no-repository", just for fun. All together, this trims about a meg of fat. ... (check-in: 953f367e94 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Add #ifdef's to fix the Windows build. ... (check-in: f572f7524d user: florian tags: trunk)
Simplification and harmonisation of the help text. ... (check-in: 6d10841735 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Also disable shortcut handling if the View Style drop-down list has keyboard focus. ... (check-in: f419c7ebe7 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
The chown -R bit added to the Dockerfile touches /jail/bin/fossil, which causes "docker build" to promote it back into a new layer, nearly doubling the container size. Doing a chown now only on two directories, restoring it to its sub-9M size. ... (check-in: 00cc9c3eb1 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fossil's chroot feature drops root permissions based on file ownership, but since the container was built with everything-root, its HTTP hit handling children would run as whatever host-side UID/GID pair you used for file ownership. What happened next was complex. If you let the container create the repo internally, it would be owned as root, so it would drop root permissions for…root! This isn't super-bad, since Fossil is presumed secure and is double-jailed besides. The risk is, if anyone works out an RCE for Fossil, they might be able to get it to create raw sockets or do various other types of escapes despite the double-jail dance. Attaching a Docker volume brings external permisssions into the container. We were recommending a "chown 0" command on the shared volume to make it similar to the in-container case, but that opens you to the same risks above. If you ignored this and used host-side UID/GID pairs, Fossil would then be left running under IDs that didn't exist internally, which could cause assorted weirdness. We're now creating an explicit "fossil" user/group pair inside the container and recommending that Docker volumes use these IDs for copied-in files to batten down something that shouldn't've been left flapping. Updated to cover all this. ... (check-in: ba21bc0b8f user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Resolved timeline segfault reported in [forum:0bbb66eee4ba35db|forum post 0bbb66eee4ba35db], triggered by entries with NULL checkin messages. ... (check-in: 20eab78592 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Moved the SIGTERM handler up before the "fossil server" HTTP hit handler. We had it clustered with the other signal() calls, but those are to handle signals intended to occur only during CGI processing. This one will normally occur while we're blocked, waiting for the HTTP hit to occur, so it had no useful effect where it was. ... (check-in: d3c55fe024 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Changed previous to call fossil_exit() instead of exit(3) so we close our databases before dying. ... (check-in: 7c857d2233 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The parent process now handles SIGTERM with an explicit exit(3) call when its PID is 1, as when it's running as "fossil server" in a Docker container. Without this, the container host's shutdown process takes a long time because it's waiting on PID 1 to die and eventually has to time out and kill it. ... (check-in: 1d09e60739 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Markup fix ... (check-in: cf1497877a user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Clarified the fact that the "docker cp" command is changing the name of the repository DB file. ... (check-in: f0b15a37fc user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Slight emphasis fix in previous ... (check-in: 1441c2e6d3 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Edit pass on §5.1 of, fixing a number of unclear bits, particularly with regard to images vs containers. ... (check-in: e2b9114b18 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Merge with trunk to get the latest web UI fixes. ... (check-in: e317872280 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Comment and TODO updates. ... (check-in: cfed59c9d1 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Cancel default actions and further bubbling of handled keys, in case of conflicts with browser (extension) defaults. ... (check-in: 5257960080 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Fix the shortcut handler to cycle between selected, check-out and ticked entries getting stuck, and give highest priority to ticked entries. ... (check-in: b6a656b520 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Remap keyboard shortcuts, and ensure only letter keys are combined with SHIFT, as non-letter keys may produce different key code pairs with and without SHIFT depending on the keyboard layout. ... (check-in: 33f9315d44 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Using the preceding --chroot fixes to make the Docker container serve the repo from /jail/museum/repo.fossil rather than from the chroot dir, /jail. This then allows us to mount a Docker volume at /jail/museum, which has an independent persistence from the container proper, so we can now rebuild the container without destroying the presumably precious repo. Updated to track this change and document the lessons gleaned from doing all of this. ... (check-in: f76e762fb7 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Moved the chdir() call within enter_chroot_jail() down below the new repo name canonicalization code to allow use of relative path names. Before, you had to give an absolute path to the repo, since we'd cd'd away from that directory before we started to validate the path. ... (check-in: e94621186f user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Moved the setting of g.fJail flag into the repo = "/" case since it exists only to communicate the chroot status to --repolist mode. (This confirms the speculation in the prior commit's comment: the prior behavior existed to serve repolist mode only.) ... (check-in: 324d232c25 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fixed the --chroot flag to "fossil server" and "fossil http" to allow it to work in conjunction with the single-repository case. Before, it blindly assumed --repolist mode. ... (check-in: 6f92ad99d9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fixed pointless use of interwiki link in the new section 2.2 material of fossil-v-git. ... (check-in: 73c95307c9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Potential, minimally-tested fix for (remote add default URL) not working, as reported in [forum:5748fcb117a99b43|forum post 5748fcb117a99b43]. ... (check-in: c06f58b565 user: stephan tags: remote-add-fix)
Another attempt to make the CSS for the focus indicator work with any skin foreground and background colors and branch colors: instead of changing just the background color, the foreground color is also adjusted, so the indicator can still be recognized even if similar to a branch color. Besides, no more editing of SVG code is necessary to make adjustments. ... (check-in: a8d306bec6 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Mention in the help text that ticking the second entry node opens the diff page. Again, thanks @rouilj! ... (check-in: 13e0f32e3b user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Swap semantics of the "primary" and "secondary" highlighted entries to improve selection of the default focused entry. The "secondary" corresponds to the "To:" entry on /vdiff pages and hance is the last focused entry, so should also be the default when returning to /timeline both by keyboard shortcut or the browser "backwards" command. Thanks @rouilj for spotting this! ... (check-in: 63c1be8c31 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut "." (period) to set focus to the entry closest to the center of the viewport. (The keys need to be reassigned later, since non-letter keys don't produce the same characters with or without SHIFT pressed on all keyboard layouts.) Thanks @rouilj for the suggestion and the hint! ... (check-in: e1796f2df2 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Refactorings to cookie handling. ... (check-in: cf38f5abb8 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Fix a build error introduced by check-in [fc8e5750d7]. ... (check-in: 49a2d1361f user: florian tags: trunk)
Merge fixes to the accordion panel JS script. ... (check-in: 44a7149dc7 user: florian tags: trunk)
Record a comment on the findings discovered during repair of the accordion panel JS script. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 2fc93df48f user: florian tags: accordion-fix)
Add the new subcommand `fossil branch lsh' to list the most recently modified branches. ... (check-in: fc8e5750d7 user: florian tags: trunk)
Fix a compiler warning. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 877b237ba2 user: florian tags: ls-hot-branches)
Do not show information about the number of chat messages unless the user has read privilege on the chat. ... (check-in: ad0aac2fde user: drh tags: trunk)
/setup_config typo fix reported in [forum:ec5bd222a2|forum post ec5bd222a2]. ... (check-in: 6d5d5f0239 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Coding style fixes and comment updates. ... (check-in: ae932acdd2 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut SHIFT+H to scroll to the focused entry without moving focus. This may be handy in conjunction with scrolling by arrow keys or PgUp/Dn. ... (check-in: 8d1edb8206 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Remove a construct to escape the JS compressor obsoleted by [ffa1c7d0a0]. ... (check-in: 0e7357d2fc user: florian tags: accordion-fix)
Fixed a few stray parens in the new material in the fossil-v-git doc, left behind from a prior edit. ... (check-in: ea13701cbf user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Typo fix ... (check-in: b628a883b1 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Fixed a problem in image naming in the new Docker container doc in [forum:/forumpost/2fd50423377d0f51 | reported on the forum]. ... (check-in: 509447a2d7 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Did away with the temporary src.tar.gz file in the new Docker container by streaming the output of wget straight into tar's stdin. This cuts the build time by about five seconds, presumably due to the saving from unnecessary file I/O. Also replaced the explicit "cd src" afterward with an out-of-tree build configuration, since it doesn't matter if we clutter the first stage's /tmp dir. ... (check-in: 289c9b501c user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The build docs for "./configure --static" now reference the section further down on Docker, since you may need to use this indirection to get --static to produce something suitable. ... (check-in: 7bfd741355 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Replaced Jan Nijtman's Dockerfile with a new one that does a 2-stage build. The first stage runs atop Alpine Linux instead of Fedora, reducing the initial build from ~635 MiB to about 16. Rather than stop there, I then made it multi-stage, copying two key static binaries — Fossil and Busybox — over from the first stage into a fresh-from-scratch container and set it up to run the former jailed away from the latter. The result is under 9 MiB, and it's as secure as one can hope, given that it starts up in "PUBLIC" mode. The new build doesn't have all the extra features turned on that the old one did, but it seems right to build the container with Fossil in its default configuration. If you want something else, copy the Dockerfile, hack it, and make it do what you want instead. Having done all this, I replaced the one-off Dockerfile inline in section 5.0 of the build doc with a reference to this new Dockerfile and rewrote the section in terms of the new capabilities. Finally, this lets us brag on how small the container can be, as compared to the Gitlab-CE container. Before, we were comparing a standalone binary to the container, which wan't entirely fair. (The desire to produce such a container was the spark that kicked this project off.) ... (check-in: 77d603c6a1 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Assorted improvements to the first few sections of the fossil-v-git doc, mainly in updating them to track changes to world facts and to clarify the presentation. ... (check-in: c7afd68b94 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Remove some unnecessary `bind()' calls for variables already held in function closure. Apart from that, the approach seems to work well and also covers odd cases, such as the post-expansion timeout to clear maxHeight being shorter than the CSS animation duration (in which case the animation would just jerkily stop, but with the correct element height), or setting a short "decoy value" (say, "100px") instead of the real scrollHeight for maxHeight (in which case the animated area would just be smaller, but with the same end result). ... (check-in: 7b8dd9ca70 user: florian tags: accordion-fix)
Also fix URLs for non-filtered /timeline links opened from /finfo pages, plus some code and comment cleanups. ... (check-in: 3ae1390f17 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut SHIFT+J to view the timeline of the focused entry filtered by branch. Add the 'm' query parameter to /timeline links. ... (check-in: 7bbd1b9918 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Attempt to fix the accordion for "Changes" sections: (A) "Delay-init" the maxHeight property only right before the closing animation, so that the dynamic diffs have enough time to resize themselves without any constraints, and then set maxHeight to zero to trigger the animation in idle time, to prevent coalescing the maxHeight changes (or there won't be an animation when going from "undefined" to "0"). (B) On expansion, after awaiting the animation duration, clear the maxHeight property, so browsers are again free to resize without any constraints. This is the same trick that works well for the hamburger menu, and fixes another problem with FF to return too small values for scrollHeight with large diffs, so that they would again be truncated (but the error is small enough so it doesn't matter for the animation). ... (check-in: 6c591c3ffa user: florian tags: accordion-fix)
Remove the accordion from the "Changes" division of the /vinfo page (at least temporarily) because it is cutting off the bottom of the diff. ... (check-in: 69a6f45387 user: drh tags: trunk)
The smart "scroll to" routine also needs to scroll upwards when used for their new purpose. ... (check-in: fff09df34f user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Docs v0.1, with upper-/lower-case letter notation, instead of SHIFT+LETTER (which may be somewhat confusing for the "," and ";" case). ... (check-in: b02508d358 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Try to fix the focus indicator CSS to work for all skins: alpha-blending "10% black" with light-mode background colors, or "20% white" with dark-mode background colors, looks surprisingly well and conflicts less with branch colors (which can be orange-ish, but never black or white). Note that the dark-mode skins Ardoise, Dark Mode and Xekri (but not Eagle) require the previously removed !important directive. It\'s still possible for skins to overwrite the focus indicator CSS when duplicating the !important directive. ... (check-in: 7d02688690 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Experimental change to scroll the focused entry into view with a Fossil-style scrolling function to keep the entry centered vertically. This is much better than `Element.scrollIntoView()' for FF (but maybe a matter of tweaking the function arguments). Kudos to the wiz who programmed the `scrollToSelected()' function! ... (check-in: ad3a8e0b87 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Comment and TODO updates. ... (check-in: ec8b53a9bc user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Enhance the H shortcut to consider the secondary selection on the /vdiff page as a waypoint. ... (check-in: 0c024627dc user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Change the "untick" and "copy hash/branch" handlers to not activate keyboard navigation mode, i.e. "untick" is also available in combination with mouse scrolling, and "copy hash/branch" requires a focused entry, instead of focusing an entry without copying its data. ... (check-in: 1d5e6e3cae user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut SHIFT+"," (comma) to untick all (better: one) node(s) without moving the focus indicator. ... (check-in: a4db0b2cfa user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Remap the shortcut to disable keyboard navigation mode to ESC. This is also a test case for the high-priority ESC handlers of the timeline tooltip and the hamburger menu, and things seem to work fine. ... (check-in: 80085809ac user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut H to hop between the selected, current (check-out) and ticked entries. ... (check-in: 7703a5f7a3 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcuts B and SHIFT+B top copy the hash or branch name of the focused entry to clipboard. ... (check-in: f23a6d13a2 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcut "," (comma) to tick/untick the node of the currently focused entry. This has the same effect as mouse clicks, i.e. as soon as two nodes are ticked, the corresponding diff page is opened. ... (check-in: 15f943f0c2 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Shortcuts SHIFT+N and SHIFT+M to put focus the first (topmost) or last (bottommost) entry. ... (check-in: 145df5a3e1 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Access the hidden input field used for back/forward caching via dedicated functions, and let browsers do the buffering of `document.getElementById()' results themselves. ... (check-in: 115b484992 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Merge with trunk to get the latest web UI updates. ... (check-in: 0f9981971e user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Put all sections of the /vinfo page (or the /info page for a check-in) inside an accordion widget. ... (check-in: ab553393a1 user: drh tags: trunk)
Take note of another possibly handy shortcut. ... (check-in: 2ffedc2bcb user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Refactor the `-h' option to its own `lsh' subcommand sibling to `list|ls' to reuse their infrastructure and flags. To produce useful output with the `-r' option, the SQL query to generate the branch list is LIMIT'ed in an inner query, and then ORDER'ed again in an outer query. ... (check-in: dbd6efe2d8 user: florian tags: ls-hot-branches)
Corrected broken link introduced in the previous commit which works under (fossil ui) but not on the live server (due to the addition of another URI path element). ... (check-in: bf0efda706 user: stephan tags: trunk)
doc index: added a link to the Release Build How-To wiki page, per [forum:94d62e6758613057|forum request]. ... (check-in: 9f3945fc09 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Take note of another possible TODO item. ... (check-in: b785da80e7 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Update the comments about back/forward caching. ... (check-in: e62b171dbc user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Some code readability and function naming tweaks. ... (check-in: 89a0438f8f user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Add a new `-h' option to `fossil branch ls' to list the "hot" (first few recently modified) branches. ... (check-in: fe299ee400 user: florian tags: ls-hot-branches)
Take note of a possible TODO point. ... (check-in: 4bc9aa3ca8 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Remove an unnecessary !important CSS directive that prevents overriding by skins. (This is a leftover from my private patches, where the same technique is used to alpha-blend an additional SVG background color with the original background color.) ... (check-in: 72dc40da49 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Revamp key handling to work with modifiers. ... (check-in: af89065ec5 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Refactor a function for later reuse. ... (check-in: 2087ad109e user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Sanitize URL composing. ... (check-in: 6c16d2ec71 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Replace the tooltip 'unload' handler with 'pageshow' and 'pagehide' handlers so that restoring the focused entry on back/forward navigation also works with FF. ... (check-in: 5e545a9f07 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
login-group command: corrected help text for 'join' option to include REPO and extended code to allow REPO to optionally be passed on as -R REPO. Resolves issue reported in [forum:240b6d856a3dd4b5|forum post 240b6d856a3dd4b5]. ... (check-in: 769a7651e4 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix the /alerts page so that access is provided even for users that are not logged in as long as a complete subscription code is provided as the "name" query parameter. ... (check-in: a27c908f5d user: drh tags: trunk)
The /unsubscribe page now requests comformation. And so email notifications contain only an "Unsubscribe" link, and not a link to subscription management. ... (check-in: f045c5dd26 user: drh tags: trunk)
Don't use magic numbers, and also improve readability for adjacent lines. ... (check-in: 57baac30d6 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Drop a redundant check. ... (check-in: d145d92d14 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Fix dynamic style assignment. ... (check-in: bb59cc264e user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Omit the expiration date when creating the session cookie. ... (check-in: 540955bd36 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Implement Javascript-based keyboard navigation for web UI timelines. Shortcuts N and M focus the next or previous entry, and J and K toggle between /timeline and /info views for the focused entry. See comments in the committed Javascript file for more information. ... (check-in: b18c425630 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Consolidated some minor code drift between pikchr's fiddle and fossil's pikchrshow. ... (check-in: 44cd975392 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Patch the javascript compressor so that it does not elide text after // if the // immediately follows a :, as that text might be part of a URI string literal. ... (check-in: ffa1c7d0a0 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a build problem with zlib on Windows. ... (check-in: 8bd19cad63 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in copy of zLib to version 1.2.12. ... (check-in: adb9e8e0bc user: drh tags: trunk)
Latest upstream pikchr.c and pikchr.wasm. ... (check-in: d5ec3629bb user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add zlib1g-dev to the list of libraries needed for building. ... (check-in: 12ce928a9e user: danield tags: trunk)
auto.def: --with-zlib=tree now fails if compat/zlib is not configured and built in advance, resolving the curious problem that the downstream test for openssl fails if libz is not built. Problem discovered by Daniel D. and reported in /chat. ... (check-in: b0dc279205 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Corrected the --with-see build to use sqlite3-see.c. Problem reported in [forum:b3653991172dcd14|forum post b3653991172dcd14]. The SEE build was broken by the late-December 2021 reworking of the --with-sqlite flag and its related build infrastructure. ... (check-in: 18acd94828 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added --dry-run change to the change log. ... (check-in: 5960a16f9a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Replaced the remaining --dryrun flags with --dry-run, for consistency, per discussion/monologue in [forum:d732b4026f44bdba|forum post d732b4026f44bdba]. ... (check-in: 4a720c2621 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed an unused var (compiler warning). ... (check-in: 7ca55e926c user: stephan tags: trunk)
Revise the "fossil version -v" command to give less detail. Use -vv or -v -v to get the original full detail. ... (check-in: bbbd7ef8f5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Updated and VERSION to 2.20. ... (check-in: a3bdee629d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Version 2.19 ... (check-in: 1e131febd3 user: stephan tags: trunk, release, version-2.19)