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Comment:Another bit of prose polishing in fossil-v-git
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User & Date: wyoung 2019-07-14 11:37:07
Re-cast the "BSD vs GPL" section as "Accepting Contributions." In the end, that's what the difference in license amounts to. This makes the section longer, but the change includes a link to skip past the actual licensing discussion for those who don't want to read our attempt at an unbiased discussion of GPL vs BSD, since even if we've succeded, we won't always agree with the user's biases! (check-in: 75e93e35b1 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Another bit of prose polishing in fossil-v-git (check-in: fcdefd97a7 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
Prose polishing in the "License" section of fossil-v-git (check-in: eebd713511 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl)
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Changes to www/

   127    127   development project: [|Linus
   128    128   Torvalds] designed Git to support development of
   129    129   [|the Linux kernel], and
   130    130   [|D. Richard Hipp] designed
   131    131   Fossil to support the development of [|SQLite].
   132    132   SQLite is much more widely deployed than the Linux kernel, but for
   133    133   Linux-based systems, the kernel is the more fundamental component.
   134         -Although both projects must rank high on any objective list of "most
   135         -important FOSS projects," the two projects are almost entirely unlike
          134  +Both projects must rank high on any objective list of "most
          135  +important FOSS projects," yet these two projects are almost entirely unlike
   136    136   one another.
   137    137   
   138         -In the following three sections, we will explain the key differences in
   139         -Linux vs. SQLite which affected the designed-in low-friction usage path
   140         -for the DVCSes created to support each one's development.
          138  +In the following sections, we will explain how three key differences
          139  +between Linux and SQLite dictated the design of each DVCS's low-friction
          140  +usage path.
   141    141   
   142    142   When deciding between these two DVCSes, you should ask yourself, "Is my
   143    143   project more like Linux or more like SQLite?"
   144    144   
   145    145   
   146    146   <h4 id="devorg">2.3.1 Development Organization</h4>
   147    147